What Would Reconciliation and Civility Look Like?

While a speech can be like a strand of pearls, a panel discussion is more like a charm bracelet: the charms may be disparate, but they share in common a significance for the wearer.

Such were the gems of wisdom from six panelists at the American Evolution panel on March 21, as they answered the question, “What would reconciliation and civility look like?” Each of the panelists shared a hope for racial respect and equality; each emphasized the importance of accuracy in the telling of history or individual stories; but each came at the question from a different angle and background.

The panel was part of “Faith Journeys in the Black Experience,” March 20-21 at Virginia Union University in Richmond. The two-day event is part of “American Evolution: Virginia to America, 1619-2019,” a yearlong, statewide commemoration of the 400th anniversary of significant events in Virginia in 1619, including the arrival of the first African slaves, the arrival of the first English women, and the first representative legislative assembly in the New World.