Virginia’s agricultural bounty has long been a source of pride for the Commonwealth and its citizens. The state is home to a wide variety of unique foods, such as peanuts, ham, and apples, that have birthed a dynamic food culture. Over the past 400 years, these foods underwent countless transformation, representing Virginia’s growing cultural and culinary diversity. It’s your turn to join the Evolution! Choose one of Virginia’s flagship products and get creative. Develop a new recipe that reflects the Old Dominion’s changing culinary landscape and bring home great prizes.

The Virginia Cuisine Recipe Challenge is a digital student contest for 6-12th graders and college students designed to celebrate the Commonwealth’s unique foodways and foster creativity among the next generation of culinary champions. All approved entries will be featured in a digital recipe booklet featured on during the months of November and December!

The Virginia Cuisine Recipe Challenge is now open

and will close on October 18, 2019.

Accept the Challenge! Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Find a team of up to three people or compete on your own.  
  2. Choose one (or more) of Virginia’s flagship foods to feature in your recipe and start developing
  3. Film a short video (no more than three minutes) showing some part of the cooking process and explaining how and why you incorporated your Virginia Food
  4. Submit your video to YouTube, share the link and a copy of your recipe HERE.


Grand Prize

Winners from both the Secondary and University Divisions will win tickets to November’s Fire, Flour, and Fork festival, including access to Food U and a chef meet and greet, and overnight accommodations at the Graduate Hotel.

Bring Home the Bacon with Edwards Ham

The best recipe featuring Virginia pork or ham will receive a fully cooked, bone- in ham courtesy of Edwards Ham.

Questions? Contact Kristin Ritchey for more information.

Thank you to our partners!