The Commemoration starts with you. Get involved and amplify your site, organization, and community with our seasonal programming cycles and associated resources.


Engage with the Commemoration by participating in our statewide programming cycles. Click the icons below to submit an event for consideration to our partner event calendar.

Celebrate Virginia Changemakers

February- April

Share stories of Changemakers, past and present, who have shaped your community and help us craft a more complete narrative of Virginia’s History.

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America: Made in Virginia


Help tell the full story of our American Evolution with programs and events highlighting your community’s history.

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Virginia Customs, Cultures, and Cuisine Festival


Invite America to “Come Home to Virginia” for the Virginia Customs, Cultures, and Cuisine Festival. All organizations around the state, regardless of focus, are invited to participate.

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Align with us by taking advantage of the following resources:

Marketing Toolkit

Utilize our digital marketing kit to discover how Virginia has influenced the evolution of democracy, diversity, and opportunity in America over the past 400 years, and learn why that evolution remains relevant to your organization today.

Host a Documentary Screening

Host an exclusive screening of our documentary for your community. “Evolution of America: 1619 to Today” is a one-hour documentary created for a national audience that explores four historical events of this seemingly obscure but decisive year, and the effect that year had on the growth and development of the U.S., which still resonates today. Supported by approximately 16 minutes of narration, the majority of the show features interviews with Virginia and national leaders discussing how the 1619 events are reflected in contemporary American society. Produced in partnership with Cinebar Productions, Inc., Maryland Public Television serves as the presenting PBS station for national marketing and distribution.

Feature our Traveling Exhibit

“The Great Charter and the General Assembly: Founding a Legacy in 1619” is an exhibition designed for a general audience and produced in two forms, including a wall panel exhibit to be mounted in the Virginia State Capitol Visitor Center and a set of eight pull-up banners for statewide distribution to partners. The content highlights the historical origins of the Virginia General Assembly in the Great Charter of 1618, which abolished martial law, allowed property to shift to private ownership, and authorized the governor to summon a General Assembly to act on legislation. The exhibition includes the legacy of representative government, which became the model adopted for the establishment of the government of the United States.  

Virginia History Trail Partners

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