“Voices from the Garden” Women’s Monument Dedication Event

Honor 400 years of women at the dedication ceremony of the Women’s Monument.

The first-in-the-nation monument dedicated to women on state capitol grounds will be in Virginia. The dedication ceremony will recognize the full range of women’s achievements by honoring 12 historic Virginia women enshrined by the monument. The dedication ceremony will be held on Columbus Day and be open to the public. Be a part of the ceremony that honors 400 years of women.

The monument will feature statues of:

Anne Burras Laydon
Mary Draper Ingles
Martha Washington
Clementina Rind
Elizabeth Keckly
Sally L. Tompkins
Maggie L. Walker
Sarah G. Jones
Laura S. Copenhaver
Virginia E. Randolph
Adèle Clark


Event Type: Signature Events

Start Date: October 14, 2019

End Date:


Venue: Capitol Square

Richmond, VA



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