Pocahontas Reframed Storytellers Film Festival

We invite you to share in 4 days of award-winning films to honor the contributions of Native Americans.

The Pocahontas Reframed Storytellers Film Festival stems from a passion and desire for indigenous languages, cultures, and societies to thrive. The Festival strives to bring together artists, authors, filmmakers and actors willing to share, teach, and explain their creativity and history. The Festival includes Native American-affiliated classics and recently released films that have been official selections of world-renowned festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, the South by Southwest Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. Join the commemoration in honoring Native American culture.


View a recap of the 2018 Film Festival below!

Fri, Nov 22 | 2–5 pm
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Leslie Cheek Theater
$8 (VMFA Members $5)
(804) 340-1405 or www.vmfa.museum

Showing of the film, The Searchers (1956; 119 min; Technicolor), one of Hollywood’s biggest, action-packed, epic Westerns. It complicates the Western myth primarily through the hero character, Ethan Edwards (John Wayne), whose bouts of extreme racism and anger toward Indians suggest he is psychologically imbalanced and is operating at a different level than the rest of society. A self-reflective tone emerges with director John Ford who began his transition to a more benign view of our native populace.

After the film, Trent Nicholas and Jeffrey Allison of VMFA will hold a conversation about the movie’s cinematic and revisionist elements.


Event Type: Signature Events

Start Date: November 21, 2019

End Date: November 24, 2019


Venue: Byrd Theatre

Richmond, Virginia



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