Determined: The 400-year Struggle for Black Equality

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s Determined exhibition explores the African American experience from the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in English North America in 1619 to the present day. Determined traces the ways in which black people have profoundly shaped the course of American history and the nature of American democracy through their fight for freedom, equality, and justice. Visitors will encounter dozens of personal stories, like those of Virginians James Lafayette, Mary S. Peake, Arthur Ashe, and Missy Elliot, and nearly one hundred artifacts, including rare signed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment.


Virginia Waterways and the Underground Railroad

Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander | Thursday, July 25, 12:00-1:00

Thurgood Marshall: A Life in American History

Dr. Spencer Crew | Thursday, August 22, 12:00-1:00

Keep On Keeping On: The NAACP and the Implementation of Brown v. Board of Education in Virginia

Dr. Brian J. Daugherity | Thursday, September 12, 12:00-1:00

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

Kevin Levin| Tuesday, October 1, 6:00-7:00

Cosponsored with The American Civil War Museum


Event Type: Exhibitions

Start Date: June 22, 2019

End Date: March 29, 2020

Time: Museum Hours

Venue: Virginia Museum of History & Culture, Richmond

428 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220



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