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Guardians of Jamestown: 1619

“Guardians of Jamestown: 1619” is a state of the art educational video series focused on the five historic events that occurred in Virginia during 1619 and have been shaping America ever since.  Join Safiri on an augmented reality enhanced journey across time to find and learn about the five representative artifacts from 1619.  Each episode of the series offers 3-5 minutes of content based on Virginia’s Standards of Learning that is equally suitable for in-school or after-school programs.

Our Story

While visiting Historic Jamestowne with her father, young Safiri is swept up into a time-traveling adventure! With the help of the “Time Guardian,” Safiri must locate and save artifacts from 1619, ensuring that they are found by archaeologists in the present!

Episode 1 - The Arrival of English Women to Virginia
Episode 2 - The Arrival of the First Africans to Virginia
Episode 3 - The Influence of Tobacco on Jamestown
Episode 4 - The First English Thanksgiving
Episode 5 - The First General Assembly Meeting in Virginia