2019 Schools:

Open to all public, private, and homeschools in the Commonwealth, 2019 Schools, this campaign encourages all subject areas to encourage students’ pride in Virginia’s history and bright future.

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Our American Story: Student Contest

“Our American Story” is a digital student contest (for 8th-12th grades) inspired by the foundational events that occurred in Virginia in 1619. Submit a creative project to compete for the grand prize of $5000, awarded to the winner’s affiliated school or association.

Guardians of Jamestown 1619

Video Resources:

Use this state-of-the-art education video series to bring the year 1619 to life for your students! These short clips are based on Virgnia’s Standards of Learning and can be used individually as well as in series.


Lesson Plans:

2019 Master Teachers worked hard on these novel ideas for your classroom.  The plans include all relevant links and materials to set you up for success.


Primary Source Audio Recordings:

These dramatic readings immerse your students in Virginia’s colonial world.


Historical Background Information:

This information is a great introduction to the year 1619 or as a refresher for students before standardized tests.