The Commonwealth of Virginia invites all Americans to “Come Home to Virginia” for the Virginia Customs, Cultures, and Cuisine Festival in November 2019. Visitors and locals alike will enjoy a variety of premier events, festivals and special programming that draw on 400 years of Virginia’s unique history and culture. This special, month-long statewide festival will serve as a momentous capstone to the 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution.

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Share the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving took place in Virginia? In honor of this first English Thanksgiving, American Evolution is taking back the spirit of Thanksgiving by partnering with area food banks to ensure that no Virginian goes hungry during the holiday season this year.  Find your local food bank or make an online donation here

Cuisine Contest

The Virginia Cuisine Recipe Challenge is a digital contest for 6-12th graders and college students aimed to celebrate Virginia’s unique fare and foster creativity among the next generation of culinary champions. All approved entries will be featured in an online digital recipe booklet during the months of November and December! Learn more.

American Evolution Signature Events

Sampling the Centuries: Virginia’s Food Firsts

10th Biennial ASWAD Conference

Virginia Thanksgiving Festival

Fanfare to the Military and Democracy

Pocahontas Reframed: Storytellers Film Festival

Statewide Events


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