TENACITY: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia
Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg
November 10, 2018 to January 5, 2020

This special yearlong exhibition explored captivating and little-known personal stories of women in Jamestown and the Virginia colony, and their tenacious spirit and impact on a fledgling society. Visitors discovered the struggles that women faced in the New World and their contributions, from the arrival of the first English women in Virginia in 1608 and the Powhatan Indian women they encountered, to the arrival of the first documented African woman in Virginia in 1619 and the influx of English women to the colony. From women’s roles to women’s rights, the exhibition connected issues of the 17th century with relevant issues today. Along with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation’s collection of 17th-century objects, the special exhibition featured more than 60 artifacts on loan from 22 international and national institutions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of London, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, National Archives, and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.