Permanent Gallery Refresh
Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg
Opened June 2019

The 2019 permanent gallery refresh at Jamestown Settlement incorporated new historical research to update the stories of the people and events in Jamestown from 1607 to 1699. An expanded collection of more than 500 period objects from Europe, Africa and Virginia further enriched the interpretation of Jamestown colony. Using the latest technology, new interactive exhibits feature enhanced learning opportunities in several areas of the galleries. Exhibits interpreting the Powhatan Indian, west central African, and English cultures benefited from more immersive settings, interactives and new objects. As a legacy of the “TENACITY” special exhibition, additional artifacts and interactives, including one related to the Ferrar Papers, are now featured in the permanent exhibition galleries bringing to life personal stories of individuals from the original three cultures. The new 4-D experiential Rebellion Theater tells the story of Bacon’s Rebellion, a 1676-armed rebellion of Virginia colonists led by Nathaniel Bacon against the rule of Governor William Berkeley.