Virginia History Trails


Virginia has hundreds of museums and historic places and thousands of historic markers. How do you sift through them all to find the stories that interest you? You hit the trails—the Virginia History Trails. They are easy to find and easy to follow. And with 20 trails containing 400 stories, the Virginia History Trails are easy to love.

If it happened in America, it happened in Virginia first.
From representative government to religious liberty.
From the American Revolution to immigration.
From the Civil War to civil rights.

Virginia blazed a trail that America followed. Which makes Virginia’s history your history. And the smartest way to explore your history is through Virginia History Trails.

Explore the 20 Trails

Here’s your map to Virginia’s history. Use the app to find your way through these 20 trails—each representing an important part of Virginian and American history.

  • African American
  • American Revolution
  • Citizenship
  • Civil Rights
  • Civil War
  • Conflicts
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Exploration
  • Immigration
  • Innovation
  • Military
  • Preservation
  • Presidents
  • Religious Liberty
  • Representative Government
  • Resistance
  • Virginia Indians
  • Women

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